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there for the broader social benefit possible. the first city in the world to have that kind of data available. >> other cities can take elements of sfpark and implement it in the cities. los angeles is working on it. berkeley is working on a project. washington, d.c. is, too. cities are looking at parking management differently than the have in the past. >> later this year, we are gathering all the data we need to evaluate rigorously all our expectations of how this can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, congestion, improve transit speed, reliability, reduc. [applause] >> good evening. i'm the director of transportation. for me, this is not the academy awards. this is the all-star game. the folks sitting over here are truly the all stars of the city. i've had an opportunity to work with ed, harlan, and jocelyn. behalf of all of us. we are also very lucky to have a bunch of people from sfmta, many of them are here. my job is to introduce the awardees. please join me and give a hand for jay primus, george reynolds, steven lee, and lorraine fuqua. >> thank you. this is a tremendous honor. it really does fee
journalists. >> he shot this video in the first city taken by the rebels. >> i was responding. i was about 20 inches from the tank. >> in our studio, rudy uses -- explains the technical tricks he has used to protect video on his computer from the prying eyes of checkpoints. he has been to jail three times. he was also tortured and feared for his life. >> maybe i'm the next one who will die in the shelling. but because we try to just let everyone in the world see what the rajiv -- what the regime is doing. we are ready to sacrifice ourselves to the world. >> these are all students who became a citizen journalists before fleeing syria. in paris, they found support from like mines -- mines -- minds. mahomet came to paris 12 years ago. he has been helping syrian refugees since the conflict broke out, providing documentation, accommodation, and consolation. >> when they arrive, they emerged from jail and from being tortured. plus, they no longer have a purpose, like organizing and filming the resistance to assad. we try to take them in. >> among the compatriots' he has been looking after is actres
if it's possible or not. but i think we should require nert training. we're in a city that the first-responders, even if you had a gazillion firefighters, first of all, most of them don't live here unfortunately and secondly we're going to need all of us when it comes to a big earthquake. when you get this training they say 80% of the people will be needing to be helped. very minorly injureded and then we'll have the training to help them. so i think that would be a really awesome thing if we could all be nert trained and require it. >> mr. resignato, is this time card 3 or 4 for you? >> this is 3. >> from what it sounds like, Û: think i need to become a nert, because i'm a nerd already, but i could become a nert. i love the prevention questions. keep them coming. i'm passionate about prevention. there is a simple thing to make sure that when our earthquake hits we can do what is called "shelter in place." we can keep people in their homes. basically we have lot of multi-family homes with soft understories with a garage, but there is a lot of weight on top. what happened in the
to reiterate that market-rate apartment in the city is first and foremost a vehicle for investors to make money. and they are not homes. when you are taking stock of the situation of the homes that are created here in the city, please why don't we find out what is a second home and a third home for the people that are buying our city? now later on this afternoon in 15 minutes we're going to have a ceremony for a fallen ambassador. there might be a moment of silence. why do we revere quietness? it's calming. it's soothing. it's what surrounds us. er can i >> thank you. supervisors, thank you for letting me have the time to talk. i am here to represent senior action network. i have been saved from 19 years' of living in my residency in my rent-controlled apartment and senior action network has saved me by letting me use their facilities, they stayed overtime so i could get a deadline and i'm so thankful that i'm in my place. i truly would like to invite everybody here to come to our fundraiser. here we go. sorry, wrong side. one second. it's going to be hold thursday, november 8th from 6:00 to 8
to start a new business, which was this suites business, the first brand as city suites and late on when the building went into receivership, the receiver started another business, an urban suites collection, which mr. hammond from the golden gateway was talking about the hotelization and that is what has gone on with half the units in the building. we have half regular tenants and half corporate suites. those apartments -- as along as this business model is profitable for these owners, those apartments will never be available to regular middle-class renters to live in the neighborhood that we really enjoy living in. so that is our problem. >> lana backet. i think there is a way of correcting this and we would like to talk with your office about an amendment that would define "corporate suites." make it illegal for them to be in buildings occupied by permanent residents for more than 30 days, less than 90 days. or that they don't offer a year lease. so we would love to continue this dialogue with your office. and that is what we have to say. thank you. >> thank you very much and i h
of public-private partnership to move the city forward. now join me in welcoming the city's first asian american mayor and i'm very proud to say a member of the lee tribe, the 43rd mayor of san francisco, ed lee. (applause). >> thank you, judy, very much for that introduction. good morning, everyone. >> good morning. >> it's great to be here at the san francisco chamber and of course the center for economic development here, your breakfast for 2012, it's my pleasure to be here. i walked in as ed from wells fargo was talking and i just wanted to make sure you knew, i am eternally grateful it the chamber, to wells fargo for helping me create 5,200 jobs for our kids. that's a wonderful accomplishment. i've been your mayor for almost two years now and everybody is coming up to me and asking, are you enjoying it? you know, some of the politics in the city it's hard to enjoy but i will say honestly to steve fox, to the chamber and judy and all of you working together to keep our city successful, i do enjoy creating jobs. and when you see our youth get those paid internships or get that s
a permanent part of the city's skyline. the first draft was shown to us. and the center piece is the basketball arena which would be built at pier 30 and 32. architects described the arena as lozenge shaped. the idea is to have it set back about 600 feet and turn it at an odd angle in order to allow businesses to maintain their site lines to the bay. >> we have opened up a great deal of access to the harbor and parallel, along the water's edge. >> reporter: they are going to be building about 600 parking spots on site and ferry service to drop you off right at the arena. there will also be music fans as they plan to have concerts and other activities here. the arena will only take up half the site. they plan to develop a shopping center and even a movie theater on the property. >> the plan is to finish in 2017. they will go through a series of public hearings starting tomorrow evening. they say it's lawsening shaped. i'm going -- lozenged shaped. i'm going with a flying saucer. i'm going with pringles potato chips. >> well, a bay area port official is in hot water tonight afte
. we learned from those mistakes and invested in people first and that's what the grants recognize and that's how the city is going about doing t i am very proud. i am very proud because -- you know, busty posy hit a grand slam and we all celebrate that and i'm going to use baseball analogies all along and these grants don't win the series or the whole ball game but they are important building blocks of steps of confidence that involve the people. the next people up at bat are the people themselves and you're going to get trained in the people that we need. you're going to help us create better schools with our school district because that is part of the neighborhood. better transportation systems. small businesses that have all of the streets we're rebuilding and the old redevelopment and the successor agency called office of community investment and infrastructure. they're succeeding. they're the ones there. they're going to use smart investment strategies with the communities to build businesses there. we learned. you just can't put poor people in housing and expect them
by our sister city and especially with paris, i was informing the mayor of my first trip to paris, it's been my only trip which is why i have to go officially, but that was 1969 was my very first trip to pear ris as a high school student, as a high school choir of high school in seattle, we raised money all yearlong for us to go, i got to visit the jazz club along the river and then i got to hear for the very first time stevie wonder saying my shari amor in paris, look it up, that's why of course mayor dell way has invited me to be making my first official visit some time next year and certainly charlotte and tom and others have jumped on the occasion, matt and everybody else, but it is one of those relationships that i have understood as being one of the most porn -- important in the city, one is an international status, one we hold dearly because there's a lot to learn, each of our cities as great as they are become greater as our goals of becoming environmentally responsible, creating our opportunity for our economies to fwroe and our dialog in our country is the urban cities that
the first award thee of this evenin. this is a very unique award. this is the lifetime achievement award. mfac has to select one individual out of 26,000 who best exemplifies what service is to our city. when i was first elected to office, i asked a lot of people, literally hundreds of people, who is the smartest person in government. with all due respect to the other smart people in this room, there was one name that came up over and over again. that was our awardee. whenever i have a question that was difficult to answer, i would ask my staff, who are we going to call? the same name always came up. it was our awardee. i'm going to tell a story that has not yet been told publicly, but i'm going to share it today. in late 2010, when the board of supervisors, when we were casting around for someone to play the role upon interim mayor, and when ed lee was still telling us he did not want to serve, i invited this man to my kitchen table, as did a number of my colleagues, to convince him. tonight we honor the career of a man who has served our city for 28 years, who has left us a legacy of w
to make their city the first in the nation to impose a tax on sugary drinks. bridge with a ill impo mise . >> noise and air pollution produced by h --the drive through is expected to serve 60 cars per hour during the lunch period. and 20 cars per hour in the evening. we will take a break it is for 38 atm much more ahead we will back in just a couple. >> we're back with some world new secretary hillary clinton may be attentive to douse some of the rhetoric over the libyan attack. the plan says the book stops with her. >> the obama administration has come under increasing criticism september 11th attack. the attack killed ambassador chris stevens and6hiy clinton says when it comes to protecting diplomats overseas she says the book stops with her. >> i am in charge 60,000 + people all over the world 275 post. the president and vice president certainly would not be knowledgeable about specific decisions that are made by security professionals. >> joe biden added fuel to the fire during last week's vice-presidential debate when he said the white house was not aware of increased security at th
of things that the city will tolerate. that's the first and most important fact. we put the center back together. it took $1 million to renovate this building. we wanted to make sure people understand the sacrifice angela and her husband and the children made, we want to make sure the message is sent out that the city won't tolerate this kind of behavior. we anticipate the 10th anniversary of the dawson murders, it was devastating to all of us, i was there that night. it affected the pain i feel today it has not changed when you see five kids taken out of a house. it's the kind of thing we don't want to have happen in the city again. >> thank you for joining us this morning and talking to us. we appreciate it. that event to honor the family kicks off at 6:00 tonight. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> been re than a month since the terror attack in libya. >> a member of the obama administration is taking the blame. why hilary clinton says the responsibility rests with her. >>> it's been more than a month since attack on the united states consulate in libya. it killed four americans includi
. there's some people i have to thank here, first, the new york city metro mod quilters. >> they were party animals. >> i wouldn't quilt with anybody but them. and a big thank you to lucky changs. by the way, they are next door to "scandalous." >> make it a double whopper, if you know what i mean. >> sister mary ellen, mother devine or bearded kathie lee and thanks to dogvaca.com. if you want to go on vacation, you can board your pets with real families. >> that's great. >>> we're going to mix things up all in one pot right after this. >>> good morning. i'm meteorologist chris warren with your weather channel forecast. this is a look at where there is a chance for rain during the course of today. looking around the great lakes, parts of new england and in the pacific northwest. this is bringing windy conditions to the early morning hours. it will be marching across the country. out ahead of it, though, it's going to be another warm day. 71 in minneapolis. mid 70s in denver. 80 degrees in kansas city. wednesday, here's the system moving into the northern tier here, throughout parts of
to get where we are today. i would say the first milestone started back in 2005 bh the city adopted the transbay redevelopment plan that covered part of this plan area but focused on properties along folsom street that were transfer prd the state of california to the city and all this was to the ends of building the new transbay transit center and the downtown neighborhood, at that time and coming out of that plan effort, the city in the inner act si effort led by the mayor's office commissioned a report that recommended the creation aof a new broader area plan that covered a broader area around the transbay transit center to consider the land use patterns in the future of downtown growth in the context of the new transit center project. so, we engage ined that public process for several years, culminating in a draft plan in 2009 and towards the end of 2011, a draft eir was published on the plan and then this may, the planning commission certified the eir and adopted the plan, following that the, the board approved the plan and the mayor signed it and they are not reflective, so the
. >> reporter: what do you want the community to get out of this? >> first and foremost, make sure people understand the city has taken steps to make sure this never happens again in the city. we are conscious when people call us about concerns when drug dealers or people are doing things to disrupt the community, we are anticipating what action we can take when we have the matters. those are the kinds of things we want the community to understand. >> reporter: i understand you were instrumental in the monument. what is going through your minds as we honor them tonight. what do you want the community to know moving forward? >> reporter: it's a good feeling to know we turned this house that was a modest $12,000 in value after it was burnt, and scorched at the time, and we put a million two to make sure the place remain in tact for the memory of the dawson family. it creates environment for children, to have a safe haven throughout the city. we would like to do more throughout the city. that's the goal. >> reporter: thank you for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. that event is at 6
was waiting for its first glimpse of d day white. then giving the kind of cover that it needed to make the move. then giving the kind of cover that it needed to make the move. obviously citi and government have worked out some prices. sue, down to you. >> let's talk more about what's going on at citi and where the bank goes from here lacking forward with me now. first of all, your reaction. i think i heard some of maria's reporting. do you buy the fact that it has been planned for some time? >> there was obviously unhappiness here, but the fact that this suddenly comes out the day after earnings doesn't reflect well on planning at citibank, doesn't reflect well on pandit or the board. >> what's next for city? is it going to become a slimmed down version getting back to core businesses or the not? >> presumably there was tension between pandit and the board. now, one would presume that this whether move things more toward the commercial banking, the traditional sort of business that citigroup was involved in. >> but that will make it harder for them to make money because the business ha
space all across the city. >> george, how would you like to respond? >> i would like to respond first by saying thanks, richard, for inviting me. what has happened to the park system where groups throughout san francisco are now getting together to say no to another park bond. why is this happening? is the park system really being effective in san francisco? the same national trust for public grants, which matt just mentioned, we are one of the best-funded parks in the country. yet you see so many parks with problems. you see so many people that are having problems with the recreation and parks department as they never listen to neighborhood concerns, they don't deal with neighborhood concerns, and what's happened is we feel that we have paid for these parks and we feel like we paid 100 percent. the mayor's office has stopped this payment and the city keeps asking the people who live in san francisco, the voters, to pass bonds to continue it support the park system. the 2012 bpbld was originally scheduled for 2014 and it has been moved up. about 41 percent of the 2008 bond, 73 mi
at projects and impacts on parks. >> john from the city attorney's office, i've had a chance to review the letter and i would just like to make a few points about that. the first is that the letter sort of co-mingles what are common terms that are used both in the environmental analysis and ceqa process as well as in section 295, this is something the commissions grapple with. every time a shadow decision comes before it, but the terms of what's considered significant and insignificant under ceqa or adverse impacts under ceqa are different decisions, different analysis, different factors come into play. when those sixes are decisions are made in the process of 295 analysis prop k, so i wanted to point that out. i think the staff memo that you received does touch on this briefly as well. i did also want to point out that commissioner sugaya raised another city attorney opinion, i just wanted to point out that addressed sort of a different question than the issue that is are before you today, so i don't think that that has bear -- bearing on today's decision, but i wanted to point out s
insight as to why? two years i could get. 10, really? >> it's 10 years from when we received our first application and two years from the community planning process. but basically it's because of this, because we get so many applications throughout the city and for every application we get we turn it into this big process. so when we receive applications we put them in a ranked list of priorities. you have it meet a certain base threshold of speeding and collisions to be what's called accepted as a traffic calming application, yeah, we think a traffic calming measure would be appropriate to address that issue. but then we get so many that we have to prioritize them, so there's some locations that may meet that minimum threshold but there's other locations that rank more highly and it's an on-going process so as we keep getting new applications if it ranks more highly than one from a few years ago, it will keep sifting out to the bottom of the list. >> so what is the method that you use to keep track of the accidents or the collisions? >> well, the collision data comes in from police
very unique for the city and right now where he have to get the nod from the nfl first. >> just like the team, san francisco will be competing against other nfl franchises. because the league likes shiny new stadiums, this venue might be on the short list. as the host city, san francisco's hotels, restaurants and tourist hot spots would be filled. >> we know in cities like new orleans and new york, others who have hosted super bowls, they mean something in between 300 to $500 million in economic impacts for the region. >> so a san francisco becomes host city, where does that leave santa clara? >> you come to play. >> the mayor has been in talks with his san francisco counter part about the super bowl bid and says it's a collaboration that will pay off for his city as well. >> remember, when it last came to san francisco in the 80s? it played stanford, keeping things into perspective. this is going to be a bay area thing he says santa clara will be the epicenter, 49ers ceo made it clear san francisco is the team's home. >> that is where nine yea year -- niners came from and everything
with. first you can see the citi stock is down. $45 billion would help them in bailout funds. $99 billion line of credit through the federal reserve. now, michael corbat has been in charge of investment that assets, close to $500 billion worth of. currently the ceo. europe, middle east and africa. he was at one point ceo of citi holdings. set up to help divest citi of their assets. back to you. david: adam shapiro, thank you. liz: the stakes are high for the debate. election day three weeks away, can he keep up the momentum he created at the last debate? will president obama score some big marks? the washington bureau chief joining us tells us what we need to be paying close attention to and whether we can expect any surprises. [ male announcer ] how do you help doctors turn billion of bytes of shared inrmation... ♪ into a fifth anniversary of remission? whatever your business challenge, dell has the technologynd services to help you solve it. liz: president obama and governor mitt romney tearing up for the second presidential debate tonight. after obama lackluster performance,
, with radio, with newspapers with magazines, anyone who covers city business who has -- who covers anything to do with events and activities and people, that take place in this city. so i'm very much concerned that this is - is -- could be a first amendment issue with how this is implemented that -- because it is a little strange that this is being handled by a transit agency, rather than the police or a city hall department that does this. so i'd appreciate it if you have these questions answered or that you've gotten full support from small outfits that don't have a lot of money or just a few employees versus others such as the chronicle that have lots of money. th9- you. >> chairman nolan: thank you. next speaker. >> david pilpel is the last person who has turned in a speaker card. >> david pilpel on 10.6. i won't repeat comments from 10.5 but will state this is an oral request for public information under the sunshine ordinance for all documents old0+bú definitions of the medin general. but i just want to conclude again by saying that there's no explanation as to why the be used to ex
first reported by the "washington post." the city says the settlements were necessary to avoid litigation. >>> the d.c. council will begin to consider a change to those controversial speed cameras. today, councilmember tommy wells will formally introduce legislation that will reduce the amount of the camera fine. right now, speed camera tickets can be as much as $250. if you don't pay within $30, that fine doubles. >> there needs to be a fine for speeding because it is dangerous. if we create certainty that you'll be caught, we reduce this. traffic fatalities have gone down. we know they work but there is no correlation to how high the fines are for speeding. >> reporter: red light camera fines won't change but councilman wells hopes this move will help eliminate the suspicion that cameras are only meant to make money for the district. >>> a collision on the campaign trail involving the first lady michelle obama. >> don't worry. she is okay but there was a bit of a fender bender that left a few people in the hospital. we're checking more headlines coming up next. 
from the treasure island island authorities and michael to present for the city and county of san francisco. we will have presentations first. we may have questions from colleagues, including myself. and then we will open up for public comment. and this is a time to give feedback and also questions and concerns to us on the board. and then we'll continue the conversation after that. i also want to acknowledge that many of our residents have been writing to us about the outages, the electricity outages that have been going on the island. well, that's not the subject of the hearing today, i just want to let you know that that's something that our office is working on. we're convening the public utilities commission and the city administrator's office and tida to see what we can do to support the aging infrastructure through which our electricity runs through. as many of you know, this is the infrastructure that -- well, actually we haven't inherited yet, but it's currently owned by the u.s. navy. it's aging. they haven't put in the investment to improve it mainly because when the ne
around our campus. it will also help us meet the city's goal of of 20% by 2020. we did a survey last fall and we found when asked why people chose not to ride their bike to campus there were three primary reasons. first was theft, concerned about bikes being stolen. we will build covered secured parking on campus. second was safety, fear of riding in city traffic, especially -- on fell and oak, the major arteries that people have to ride or cross to get to campus. the third reason was hills. we know the wiggle addresses that. we're trying to address the theft issue on our campus. but the safety issue is one that you can really help us with. last -- a month ago we had a orientation and many parents were bringing students to campus. i was out tabling and chairing with parents what we're trying to do with supporting students bicycling to and from campus. painchts raised concern about safety of their children, didn't feel safe allowing children to have bicycles on our campus. i think again by taking this step and moving forward with it i think what is an amazing project and one that's been ca
a decade ago, a lawsuit forced our city to use a business tax that is problematic for many reasons. first and foremost, it is a tax on jobs. every time a local employer hires someone there is a business payroll tax that's levied on that person. secondly, it is a tax that is only levied on 10 percent of all businesses and many of these are small businesses who have really been asking for reform for many many years. currently we are the only city in the state of california that uses this business payroll tax. our city government, we spent 6 months earlier this year in conversations with many leaders within the community to propose a change to a so-called gross receipts tax, which is superior on a number of levels. first and foremost, it's a tax on revenue. it's a tax on profit. it's also a progressive tax, unlike the current flat tax it's a tax that exempts small businesses that have revenues of less than a million dollars but it also increases taxes for our most successful and our largest businesses. then the last thing i will mention, it is a tax that will help to recoup the revenues t
-cause hearing of any task alleging, "a," willful violations by city officers and city department heads, and "b," nonwillful violations by elected officials and department heads. >> that's good. >> otherwise we know how we got to this set of questions. otherwise people that pick it up for the first time will say, what is the difference between those two expectations. why are they separate. and we can separate them when there is a consequence that is different. but i think it tangles you up as it currently stands. >> commissioner renne. >> i agree with commission studley, that to combine "a" and "c" into one "a," make it "a." >> or "b." i was putting willful first because it's more severe. >> you would do willful first? >> because it's a higher order. >> i would make what is now "a" and "c" read, nonwillful violations by elected officials, department heads and city officers and employees. and that gets them all. and then say willful violations by city officers. and i agree it's confusing and your paren probably takes care of it. rather than a paren, i may say willful violations by city officers
senior editor, janeane. thank you for being here. >> my pleasure. >> the first spot is santa fe, new mexico. >> it's the city unexpected you don't expect to go to this little mountain town have spas, art galleries, five star restaurants, it's a beautiful escape to relax and rejuvenate. my hotel pick is the inn spa at lower raid d lower raid doe. >> you can stay in the hotel that's all you need but there are so many things to explore and do. >> walking tours museums and a lot of art. >> the virginia wine country we heard a lot about california wines in the sonoma valley. virginia is the place to go. >> absolutely. california may be the obvious choice. virginia wine country has over 200 wineries. it has a deep history in wine making. they were actually named wine enthusiasts as one of the ten best travel wine destinations in 2012. it's a really great option. it's a lot of beautiful small properties to stay at. my pick is the boars head inn. a beautiful property. you can venture out in all of these different wine trails. rates from 160 a night in the fall. the proximity to washington, d
is going on here, but let me get anton in first. you're a shareholder of citi? >> i am, indeed. >> what's your next move? how do you see it? >> i'm going continue to hold. i think michael o'neil has a long history of creating valued companies he's been with. i think the transition here is important. michael corbat is very well respected by the regulators. the process is so critical because citi really generates a ton of capital. i think the ability to return some capital through buy backs, through increased dividends is critical. i think the upside to citi has been kind of, you know, sped up here. i think vikram was doing a lot of the right things, but the regulators did not like him. >> you've been waiting for a dividend too. they couldn't pay a dividend after failing the stress test. as a shareholder, are you frustrated? does it make sense it was time for him to go? >> well, i don't think it was time for him to go, but unfortunately the relationship historically was very bad with the regulators, particularly sheila bear, who really embarrassed him by what she wrote in the book about h
be kind of -- the people that oppose this might be forgetting big picturotzc things here. city of san francisco has a transit first policy, that means$r; obtaining rights for anything other than the private automobile which includes bicyclists and we know thatg:n plan. the point is if you're eliminating parking as a reason that it's not good forkl8sn cars you've got to realize sfmta has reached out to create a newm÷ parking program for residential parking in the area, there's a lot of free and easy parkingkug in my opinion because i can find parking for a suburban that i use2
'm going to take the opposite tact. i think the civil grand jury needs to caution itself. this is the first report i have seen where they have started analyzing private business practices. i think the civil grand jury should be about auditing city government. they are now geting into private business. i have some concerns about that, particularly when it's volunteers who frankly are not private business owners and don't necessarily know it. and these concerns really started to grow beyond just getting into private business affairs. the civil grand jury exercising legal analyses and providing legal opinion, which was the biggest concern that i had with their report last year on park merced. all of a sudden you have a report that has the stamp of the superior court and not one member of civil grand jury was an attorney and yet they offer a legal opinion. i think the civil grand jury in a sense needs to check itself and make sure it gets back to its original mission of auditing city government and focusing on all practices and refrain from fashioning itself as a city-attorney or refrain from b
. remember during the ldc debt crisis in the '80s with citi. citi was one of the first banks in china. the question is, can you turn that into a real stable and profitable franchise? every other quarter we've had noise in their earnings and balance sheet and i think as an analyst i've always wanted to see them make this business run a little bit quieter, if you will. even the write-off of smith barney, that's an ugly thing because it says they didn't make money on that business and in order to sell it, they had to take a loss. >> you know, jim cramer is on the phone, too. jim, i saw what you tweeted about pandit leaving after a terrific quarter which is worrisome. how should we read this? >> i'm listening to mr. whalen and all well and good, you know, pandit finally got it right. this was an absolutely terrific quarter, there was so much that was good here, international was absolutely terrific, you had very good net interest margin. you know, i got to be really blunt about this. i don't know what the heck is going on here. havens i've known since when i did a ton of business with mor
. at the first meeting we developed goals for both the community and the city around second street. those goals include improving safety along the corridor for all users, providing a more attractive pedestrian environment, providing a dedicated bicycle facility and facilitating muni operations for both the 10 and the 12. and on the bicycle facility i'd like to point out although second street is an important bicycle route in the south of market area, on the southern end it connects to the port's blue greenway and the bay trail which runs through district 10 and on the north it connects to east-west bicycle routes that take bicyclists into districts tw and -- 2 and 5 as well. so it's really a key bicycle corridor for the city. at our community meeting in may, we also reviewed existing conditions of second street. there were over 100 people that attended so we broke up into small groups and those groups identified likes and dislikes along the corridor. we also developed two cross sections for second street. they developed two because although the right of way is consistent from market all the
. this was the first full day on the job after a battle to remain as sheriff. mark matthews is live at city hall. mark, those who would like to see him recalled from office. >> ross mirkarimi didn't always say the right thing in that fight to keep his job. you'll remember he called arm bruising with his wife a private matter, today he was careful not to defend what he d woe like to put it behind him. sheriff mirkarimi still working on learning the job and eager to put the long political battle to rest. >> i'll continue to eat as much humble pie i think one, that i want to eat z continue to pro fess and demonstrate that i'll be the sheriff people elected me to be. >> supervisors eric mar introduced domestic violence legislation they plan to bring before the board it asks for women for employees to have materials about domestic violence. >> i asked if he would support a recall of the sheriff. he he qif indicated but cohen said she could would support a recall but won't lead it it would ache take away under tones that are plitly motivated. >> i'm not to comment on recalls. people want to talk about that.
. >> would he like to make this superbowl possibility very, very unique for the city but i'm going to kind of restrain from all the ideas right now because we have to get the nod from the nfl first. >>reporter: just lick the team itself, san francisco will be competing against other nfl franchises. because the league like shiney new stadium and point up millions to santa clara 1.2 billion dollar facility, this venue might be on the short list. as the host city san francisco hotels, restaurants and tourist hot spots would be filled. >> we know that in cities like new orleans and new york and others who have hosted superbowls, they meet something in between 300 to 500 million dollars in economic impact for the whole region fichlt san francisco becomes the host city where does that leave santa clara? >> remember no matter where you are and where you party you come to santa clara to play. >>reporter: santa clara mayor matthews has been in talk was his san francisco counter part about the superbowl bid and says it's a collaborative approach that will pay off for his city as well. >> remembe
to the proposed ordinance. the first is that our audit found that san francisco is falling short of the city's regional assigned goals, particularly for low and moderate income housing. while the city is on pace to meet two-thirds of its overall housing goal, at the current riterate of projection it will only achieve 16% for low-income housing and 25% for moderate income housing by 2015. the second issue relates to written reports that have been presented to the planning commission, which we found do not sufficiently explain how residential projects contribute to housing element goals. the department staff reports contained standardized language when discussing the basis for recommending entitlement approval, including finding that thes project conforms with the project code and enumeration of the housing element and applicable area plans that it advances. it also at the request of the planning commission, the planning department began submitting quarterly reports in august of 2011 to the planning commission to report on the city's progress in meeting the regional housing needs allocation go
outside of their communities or out of san francisco. this is the first step of many that this board of supervisors can take to demonstrate that the city has learned lessons from the ills of redevelopment and has intentionally developed a plan to be more conscious of the families fact impacted by redevelopment type of activities. this legislation gives a family that is forced to move a choice in priority to return to the site where their homes once existed. it also begins to rebuild in addition to housing trust between residents and the developer teams charged with redeveloping the site. the high level concept of this legislation do the following: gives households the right to return provided that they have not been evicted. minimizes screening criteria in order to ensure that residents aren't somehow weed out and restricted from the new housing. income eligibility qualifications not be affected theriors city review of any relocation plans and entires [skphrao-eupbs/] with local beliefs. it also required a non-binding recommendation to be issued to the housing authority commission pr
. >> commissioner liu has an excused absence. the first item on the agenda are items appearing or not appearing on the agenda that are within the jurisdiction. >> good evening, i am larry bush, i write for city report. earlier this month i asked for the staff to provide a list of those people that have not filed their form 7. i have that list for you now. this is about 30 san francisco officials by the end of august had not filed form 700. some people are including vice chair of development authority as well as all three members of the bond oversight committee. which as you know is the committee that monitors several billion dollars in funding. when i asked what actions had been taken to provide fines or what have you for people that not filed. that are due on april 1. i was told in writing that due to a lack of resources, there were no fine letters going out this year, and none had gone out last year. i talked to the fcpc, and they said they had fined some san francisco officials themselves for failing to file. some of the same people who had not filed last year, still have not filed this year
. the giants take game two, their first home playoff win this postseason. back after this. costly win for the ravens. the future pro bbwler... that will miss the rest of the season. tte city pomptrollerr.. suing her boss.. opposite sides of the that's 3 &pcourtroom. on fox45 news at ten after baseball. barnhill: you hear a lot of talk about question seven... so let me tell you what i know: if question seven passes, my company's going to... bring table games, like blackjack and poker... right here to baltimore. a twenty-five million dollar investment... that'll create five hundred new jobs. all right here. today, marylanders are spending $500 million gaming... in other states. let's keep it here. i'm chad barnhill, and we're ready to build right here. we're ready, and it's real. and all that has to happen... is question seven. >> joe: the giants win game two. a game they needed after losing game one 6-4. tonight behind the pitching of ryan vogelsong and hitting up and down their lineup, seven runs on twelve hits. a 7-1 win. that means this nlcs is tied at a game a piece
people in the apartment when they first arrived. the suspect has gone -- is missing now. he's wanted for a killing in oakland. other than that, investigators aren't releasing a lot of details. >>> a dreaded milestone for the city of oakland, the 100th homicide of the year. investigators say a man was shot and killed near hilton and market. he later died at a hospital. police and crimestoppers are offering a $10,000 reward. last year oakland recorded 110 homicides for the entire year. >>> new at 6:00 more information is emerging in the puzzling double homicide near the border between pittsburgh and antioch. detectives identified the victims as 24-year-old christopher zin and they were killed yesterday on buchanan road near ventura drive in pittsburgh. investigators urge anyone with information to come forward. >>> it's a high-profile case and now a san raphael george is ordering a teenager of stealing a car to stand trial. pros could you tell users say he tried he to kill a teenage couple back in open. he opened fire on them as they sat in a parked truck. they think wade was upset bec
that we could bring forward to the voters in the city and county of san francisco which was passed and we know that that is not the final step that the first of many things that we are going to have to do to make sure that we have a balanced budget. the worst thing that we can do is to make sure that we need to make sure that pensions are going to be there for people when they retire and we need to do everything possible to make sure that we live up to the obligations that we promised people when they started working. >> mr. bryer. >> pension is something that is critically important for the state. and we have huge obligations in the pension funds that have been unfunded and right now we are assuming something like a 7 and a half percent on pension returns when the private sector the returns are, you know, anticipated around 4 percent. and so this is an area where we have to be honest about how can we insure that people who have worked and who have contributed are going to have pensions in the future? and so, we really have to, approach i got very excited about was what i redid in san fra
premiere in new york city, it was san francisco's turn to bring home citizen hurst. the film chronicles the life of william randolph hurst and the history of his media empire, which includes the san francisco chronicle. >>> first one in my family. >> aw. >> he can be a weatherman. he can be anything he wants. that's the american dream. sunshine today, 70's and 80's. staying pretty mild right now. concord, 69. santa rosa, 70, because we have no flow of air coming in from the motion. winds are calm and we are staying milder. tonight oakland down to 55. concord, 55. san jose, your low tonight, 54. let's talk about all the action going on to our north, as close to us as crescent city. if anything, low pressure will slide off to the east and move farther away from us, allowing a big ridge of high pressure too build in, and it's going to build in to our north. that is important, because when high pressure builds to our north we get an offshore wind. in mid october, that can still get us into the 80's and 90's and it will, starting wednesday. a lot of sunshine this week. a little morning cloud
and to long island and to the new york city area. in 2008, it was the first time since 1960 the debates were held in the state of new york. they are very generous. we have moved in 2008 that we wanted to do it again. i began fundraising the day after the 2008 debate. the worst that could happen is we did not need it. they are very generous. we have a debate sponsored this year funded most of our expenses. it does not come out of students' tuition dollars. >> fund-raiser -- fund-raising is a major job. this is an extra duty. >> it is an understatement. fundraising all the time. >>, you have the perspective of four years ago. what difference in terms of organization in just these four years? >> this is a different style of debate. we had a traditional debate last time around. it was the third debate. this is a town hall meeting. it is more complicated logistically. the first time around, we turned our basketball of rain into a normal-looking debate hall. this time around, we have to turn it into a town meeting hall. with the general audience being behind it. we have great people here. they wor
into the arena for their second big debate. and both men are on the ground just outside new york city. they know the power of one night in this race. look at this. you can see it right there after the first debate, a dramatic change. that surge for mitt romney. now just three weeks remaining, 21 days until americans go to the polls. it is "your voice, your vote" and our team is on the ground at hofstra university in new york, so let's start with abc's jake tapper and what the president is going to bring tonight, jake. >> reporter: good evening, diane. well, campaign sources for both campaigns tell me that romney and obama have rehearsed for this potentially tricky town hall format with aides throwing them random questions jumping from topic to topic looking for ways to bond with the undecided voters who will make up the audience in this theater in the round behind me. >> reporter: at a williamsburg resort president obama put on a confident face between a workout and a 45-minute debate prep. how do you feel about tonight? >> i feel fabulous. >> reporter: what are you going to say? then he ignored
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